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2022, Feb 15
Dune 2 Filming Begins This Summer, Says Denis Villeneuve
Writer/director Denis Villeneuve reveals that Dune: Part Two is set to begin filming this summer and confirms the script is complete

2022, Feb 15
Denis Villeneuve Updates On Dune Part Two; Promises ‘Much More Harkonnen Stuff’ – Exclusive

le 'Game of Castings' commence...

2022, March 8
Florence Pugh in Talks to Join Timothee Chalamet in ‘Dune: Part 2’

2022, March 8
‘Dune: Part 2’ Casts Florence Pugh as Princess Irulan


2022, March 10
‘Dune 2’: ‘Elvis’ Star Austin Butler in Talks for Key Villain Role
If a deal makes, Butler will play Feyd-Rautha, the cunning nephew of the baron, the villain played by Stellan Skarsgard who heads House Harkonnen. 


2022, March 10
Jon Spaihts On A Potential ‘Dune’ Trilogy & Collaborating With Park Chan-Wook [Interview]

--- Citer ---Q: So it’s possible, at least, that even the second film might at least hint at what could come in “Dune Messiah”?

A: I think that’s right. There are a few tantalizing strands that lead into the future and suggest that we might not be done in this universe, despite the fact that the ending of Dune as a novel, which will be the ending of the second film, is a very satisfying conclusion. There are a number of ways in which the book also sounds ominous notes, and there are hints of foreboding about what made be yet to come.
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2022, March 15
'Dune: Part 2': Denis Villeneuve Says Script is Done, Crew is Prepping, and to Expect More IMAX Footage In Sequel [Exclusive]
"We are in full prep for the movie," said the French-Canadian director.


2022 March 25th
Denis Villeneuve Says Pre-Production On ‘Dune 2’ Begins Next Week, Calls It ‘Biggest Challenge Of His Career’

--- Citer ---“I’m in prep right now. Monday morning, as soon as we leave Los Angeles, it will be to start to go on with prep.”
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donc cela a commencé le 28/3 ...


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