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Il semblerait que ce soit pour octobre 2023. Ouvre-t-on un second sujet ?

2021, Oct 26
‘Dune: Part 2’ Officially Greenlit, Release Date Set for 2023
Legendary Entertainment announced the news in a tweet on Tuesday, ensuring that the spice will continue to flow on screen. Warner Bros. will distribute the film and help finance it, though Legendary is the primary money behind the movie and owns the film rights to the book series. The film is expected to have an exclusive theatrical run, and Legendary will likely make that point iron-clad after “Dune” debuted simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max last week. The unorthodox distribution pattern was a pandemic-era concession by Warner Bros., but one that caused an uproar when it was unveiled in 2020. “Dune: Part 2” will hit theaters on Oct. 20, 2023.

2021, Oct 26
‘Dune 2’ a Go From Legendary, Warner Bros.
The first Dune opened in cinemas and hit HBO Max simultaneously on Oct. 22. It earned a strong $40.1 million in its domestic debut, the biggest of Villeneuve’s career as well as the biggest opening of the year for Warner Bros., which sent its entire 2021 slate day-and-date to streaming. Whether or not to make a sequel was Legendary’s call.

2021, Oct 26
Dune: Part Two Officially Announced, Coming October 2023
It would've been awkward if there was only Dune: Part One.

2021, Nov 14
‘Dune’s Denis Villeneuve & Mary Parent On Realism In Their Sci-Fi Epic “To Get The Power Of Nature” – Contenders L.A.
Dune co-writer, director and producer Denis Villeneuve and producer Mary Parent joined Deadline on Sunday on Warner Bros’ panel for the sci-fi epic at the Contenders Film: Los Angeles awards-season event at the DGA Theater.
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2021, Nov 15
Here's How Dune Managed To Avoid Using Green Screen
An old theater trick works wonders.

2021, Nov 16
Dune Spoiler Interview: Denis Villeneuve On The Ending, Paul’s Dreams, And What’s Coming In Part Two

--- Citer --- EO: The word ‘Dune’ is not used much in this film – you very correctly call it Arrakis for the most part.
DV: Exactly. As my editor Joe Walker has rightly said at one point, Frank Herbert always [has] two names for each thing. Everything has multiple names. I decided that for this first part to focus on the idea that the planet — It is mentioned [as] ‘Dune’ from time to time, but mostly we just say Arrakis, as in the book. But again, maybe there will be a Part Two, and things might change…
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2021, Nov 17
Dune 2 Will Include Feyd-Rautha, Confirms Denis Villeneuve
Director Denis Villeneuve confirms that Dune: Part 2 will include Feyd-Rautha, one of the primary villains of Frank Herbert's original book


2022, Jan 12
Javier Bardem Celebrates SAG Nomination; Dreams Of Riding Sandworm In ‘Dune 2’ This Summer

--- Citer ---“The only thing I’m asking is that I get to ride a sandworm,” he said with a laugh. “Denis told me he’s going to try to make that happen. That does happen in the book, by the way. Stilgar teaches Paul [Atreides] how to take the desert power, which is to domesticate those huge animals in order to use their force, their strength, and their huge size against the Harkonnen. Hopefully, that will happen.”
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