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Sur son compte Twitter, Brian Herbert annonce que Princess of Dune, écrit avec Kevin J. Anderson, sortira en novembre 2023. Ce roman racontera les histoires d'Irulan et Chani, qui ont grandi des circonstances radicalement différentes.

La date de sortie du livre correspond avec la sortie de la partie 2 par Denis Villeneuve.

Bon ben, je crois que je passerai. J'ai encore le dernier tome de la trilogie de Caladan à torcher, je sens que ça sera épique.

"Pugs of Dune"... on va y arriver, je vous le promets.  :monkey:

Je confirme ce que je disais il y a un peu moins de deux mois : je passerai, The Heir of Caladan est une expérience qui ne m'a pas reposé.

prévu pour Octore 2023

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Set two years before Dune: Princess of Dune is the never-before-told story of two key women in the life of Paul Muad’Dib—Princess Irulan, his wife in name only, and Paul’s true love, the Fremen Chani. Both women become central to Paul’s galaxy-spanning Imperial reign.

Raised in the Imperial court and born to be a political bargaining chip, Irulan was sent at an early age to be trained as a Bene Gesserit Sister. As Princess Royal, she also learned important lessons from her father—the Padishah Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV. Now of marriageable age, Princess Irulan sees the machinations of the many factions vying for power—the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, the Spacing Guild, the Imperial throne, and a ruthless rebellion in the Imperial military. The young woman has a wise and independent streak and is determined to become much more than a pawn to be moved about on anyone’s gameboard.

Meanwhile, on Arrakis, Chani—the daughter of Liet-Kynes, the Imperial Planetologist who serves under the harsh rule of House Harkonnen—is trained in the Fremen mystical ways by an ancient Reverend Mother. Brought up to believe in her father’s ecological dream of a green Arrakis, she follows Liet around to Imperial testing stations, surviving the many hazards of desert life. Chani soon learns the harsh cost of Fremen dreams and obligations under the oppressive boot heel of the long Harkonnen occupation.
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