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Re : Re : La KJA Special Force (en action...)
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Emprworm, c'est de l'histoire ancienne... Et je ne crois pas me souvenir qu'il était particulièrement fan des préquelles et donc de KJA.

Pour faire passer quelqu'un pour antisémite, il serait plus logique d'etre un israelifan, et ce redneck s'est fait naturaliser canadien (lui le francophobe de premiere ^^)

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Re : La KJA Special Force (en action...)
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Mais « le ventre est encore fécond, d'où a surgi la bête immonde » ... Ces temps-ci un nouveau fou s'est juré de défendre l'honneur bafoué de son petit Maaaîtreuuu :

Kingdom of the Trolls vs. Dune Prequels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

Blog Article by James C. Harwood _ Science Fiction Author _ Norman Oklahoma USA _ Wednesday 24 March 2010

This posting is in defense of Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, and their DUNE novels, against the viscous attacks by psychotic trolls on a terroristic jihad.

I few weeks ago, I started thinking that the DUNE prequels would make an excellent TV series, not a movie or miniseries. However, each TV "season" of about 4 months would cover one novel, so that the first trilogy and second trilogy would be completed in 2 years. Therefore, it would be a limited run series, but more than a miniseries. Within Twitter limits, I posted the basic idea at Twitter by using the "#Dune" to seek out other DUNE fans.

Immediately, I was attacked by a troll living in Japan, who referred to DUNE prequels as being "crap" and singled out Kevin J. Anderson for further flaming. He referred to "#McDune" as another Twitter group which I was not familiar with, so I went to that group to find out what it is about. The "McDune" term is one created by the trolls to refer to the DUNE prequels they hate as well as anything written by Kevin J. Anderson. Of course it is intended to be offensive. That troll was then backed up by another troll claiming to be the ghost of Frank Herbert, strongly opposed to the DUNE prequels and especially Kevin J. Anderson. It appears the trolls are in denial of the fact that Brian Herbert is co-author. They are unwilling to acknowledge that the son of Frank Herbert participated in the writing of the DUNE prequels. They are further unwilling to acknowledge the fact that the DUNE prequels and sequels written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson are based on notes and outlines written by Frank Herbert. Brian and Kevin "fleshed out" what Frank had already written. By condemning the work of Kevin J. Anderson, the trolls also condemn the work of Brian Herbert and his father Frank Herbert.

Before the attack on me at Twitter, I had no idea there are people out there who do not like the DUNE novels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Such a possibility never occurred to me. The discovery of the trolls really surprised me, as well as mystified me. I still don't know exactly what it is they are so upset about, and why it matters so much to them. They act like it is as serious as such issues as abortion, capitalism vs. communism or socialism, and the big health care conflict today, as a few examples.

The trolls have their own private forum, which one of them referred me to. I did not find any answers there to my questions about specifically what the trolls don't like about the DUNE novels written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. I asked for a list of complaints and they refused to cooperate. They are unable or unwilling to say exactly why they hate the books, and one of the authors instead of both. However, one other person, who participated in the conflict, claimed there are "contradictions" between what Frank Herbert wrote, and what was written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson in the DUNE prequels. I asked for an example of one of the "contradictions" and he did not answer. Later, a different person answered for him and remarked about the birthplace of Paul. I reviewed that. It is not a "contradiction" that would be classified as a mistake on the part of the authors, but is a satisfactorily explained historical difference. The story of DUNE is told by the Princes Irulan, who was limited to her viewpoint and what she knew of past events. Actual history reveals secrets within secrets, when presented by others who know the truth. In real life, children in school are taught a limited view of certain people in history, and later learn the greater truth during college or later years as adults. So as we dig deeper into history, new facts may appear to "contradict" what was previously believed.

I also posted my idea about a DUNE TV series at this blog, and noted the URL at Twitter. It of course attracted the Trolls. I use StatCounter to track visitors to this blog. From those reports, I confirmed one of the two primary trolls lives in Japan, and then found out that the other one lives in Denmark. I found out other trolls live in Portugal, Brazil, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Sweden, Netherlands, Greece, Chile, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, and Poland. Only 39% live in the US [those are narrowed down to states and cities]. Only 30% live in the UK. With 1% in Australia, that is a total of 70% who live where English is the primary language. So 30% live where some other language is the primary language. I know those visitors are the trolls because of the "referring link" being their forum website.

Jim Jankus, a cousin living in Kansas City, briefly participated on my side during the attack by the trolls. He convinced me to leave the matter alone. I did, but then the trolls, who first attacked me at my professional Twitter account, then found my personal Twitter account and began to attack me there. Each time a new troll shows up, I simply use the "Block" option to no longer get messages they send to me. At least one has tried to send a virus from a link in an attempt to destroy my computer, and so that crosses a certain legal line. I strongly believe in Freedom of Speech, and I'm opposed to unreasonable censorship, but the trolls are not simply expressing opinions they are entitled to. There is a huge difference between expressing a difference of opinion in a professional way, and flaming someone in a personal way. I can give as good as I get, so it isn't causing me to miss any sleep. Trolls are cowards. They would not dare speak like that to my face. I would cut their balls off and then make the trolls eat their own balls, except that the trolls don't have any balls in the first place. It is obvious that most trolls on the Internet are suffering from severe emotional and mental illness. They are teens and adults who are grossly immature. They have nothing better to do in life than to hate everything and flame everyone. The Kingdom of the Trolls is a very dark place in their own self-designed hell. It has been a classic battle between good and evil, with the trolls being on the side of willful evil, and the good being those who are fans of DUNE prequels and their authors. The trolls will fail with their terroristic jihad.

I am grateful to Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson for the excellent entertainment in their DUNE novels for such a reasonable price.

Mais le délire est sans limites :

The most recent time I've encountered a large group of Internet trolls working together for a common cause was at Twitter, and from there I found their unique forum named Jacurutu. I posted at Twitter using "#Dune" to seek out other fans of the Dune novels by Frank Herbert, and especially the prequels and sequels by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. I simply posted my desire for the Dune prequels, starting with The Butlerian Jihad, to be turned into a TV series...

Immediately after the tweet at Twitter to "#Dune" I was attacked by an Internet troll located in Japan. He was quickly backed up by another Internet troll located in Denmark. I found out their IP addresses and locations when the visited the blog where I'd posted my interest in a Dune TV series. I use StatCounter to track blog visitors. That information showed the referring link to be their Jacurutu forum, where they were posting about their tweets at Twitter and commenting on my blog with a link posted to my blog and a link posted to my Twitter account. I identified the owner of the forum, a man living in California, who is a known Internet troll, a cyber stalker, who engages in libel of Kevin J. Anderson in particular, and is strongly opposed to the Dune novels written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. They have singled out and relentlessly attacked Kevin J. Anderson on the Internet. The forum owner went to a location where Kevin J. Anderson was meeting with fans to answer their questions. His primary complaint, as well as that of the other trolls who he has organized against Kevin J. Anderson, is the "contradictions" between content in the Dune novels written by Frank Herbert and those written by Brian Herbert [Frank's son] and Kevin J. Anderson. The trolls act as if Frank Herbert is Jesus, and as if the original Dune by Frank Herbert is the Holy Bible in which every word must be studied and accepted as historical gospel. The Dune trolls are like religious fanatics in the extreme. They do make a few good points by pointing out some differences between what Frank wrote compared to what Brian and Kevin wrote. Those differences are known facts, but none of them are serious enough to cause me to dislike the authors and their books. The problem is not the difference of opinion, but rather the fact that the trolls engage in very personal attacks of libel on Kevin J. Anderson and his fans including me. It appears they tend to overlook the fact that Frank Herbert's son, Brian Herbert, co-wrote the Dune prequels and sequels with Kevin J. Anderson, and that they were partly guided by notes left by Frank Herbert. So they attack Kevin without mentioning Brian. They attack any fan who likes the Dune prequels and sequels. The trolls are strongly opposed to anyone who dares to write new Dune material, believing that the only acceptable Dune material is that written by Frank Herbert. I don't sweat the details like the fanatical trolls do. I simply want good entertainment for my money. Considering the low price I paid for the Dune prequels and sequels in paperback, I got a significant amount of excellent entertainment for my money.

I first read the original Dune novel by Frank Herbert in 1968 at age 12, soon after my father died in 1968 at age 50. When I got to the part of the novel covering the death of Paul's father, I was hooked on it. Dune inspired me to eventually write science fiction.

I was of course delighted when I found out Frank Herbert's son Brian Herbert was writing the Dune prequels and sequels with co-author Kevin J. Anderson. I found their writing style to be flawless and very easy to read. I do believe that the Dune prequels, starting with the Butlerian Jihad would make an excellent TV series.

The Dune trolls crossed the legal line when they began to engage in libel against me, and their activities qualified as cyber stalking. I threatened to report them to the FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force, if they would not end the attacks by Monday 29 March 2010 and remove postings at their forum with my name in them with links to my blog postings and Twitter postings. I sent notice to the owner of their forum. He did not reply. However, one of the trolls threatened to destroy my computer with a virus. On Monday 29 March 2010, Windows on my computer was destroyed by a hacker who cut through the defenses of my computer with a cyber attack. The computer could not be repaired. I was down for almost 2 weeks. I had to order a new computer from 3BTech but it only cost me $139 and I got free ground shipping via UPS. The new computer is significantly better than the old computer, which needed to be replaced anyway. While I could not access the Internet from home for almost 2 weeks, I was able to use a free computer at the Norman Public Library, as well as one at the Corner Copy Store near my home. The owner of that store told me about the good deal at 3BTech where he bought his computers. While I was down for nearly 2 weeks, I decided to make it a kind of vacation. During the past 2 weeks, I changed my mind about reporting the trolls to the FBI. I decided the best defense against their attacks is to not confront them directly, but to do everything possible to support the authors and novels who they oppose. So the plan is to ignore the trolls, and support everything and everyone they hate. I have increased security to protect my new computer from any new cyber attacks by the trolls trying to hack into it to destroy it and knock me off of the Internet.

As a moderate centrist Independent in politics, I have friends who are far left liberal Democrats, and friends who are far right conservative Republicans. I also have friends who like me are "more spiritual than religious" while having other friends who are very active in their own religions. We respect each other's different views; we attack the issues, not each other, and so we are able to remain friends. That is the key difference. Trolls thrive on making personal attacks on people, instead of attacking the issues.

* * *
Posted by James C. Harwood at 4/09/2010 09:54:00 AM

Ce mongoloïde échappé de l'asile du KJASF a ensuite livré nos adresses-IP en nous promettant le FBI et les flammes de l'Enfer, blablabla ...
I asked Kevin if there is a place where I can interact with other fans, without being attacked by what I refer to as Internet trolls, who are engaging in cyber stalking and libel against him and his fans. He told me about Special Forces. After a glitch in the join and access process, now fixed, I have arrived.

Kevin asked me to do a new report and post it at Special Forces. So I figure as a reply to this thread is the right place. I prepared a report in advance, but now need to edit it since I've seen how this forum website is set up. And I've already posted my Introduction in that section, so I can edit that part out of the report - originally about 4 pages. It is not just a repeat of what I posted at the old blog. Significant new information has come to light. So I will post the edited report here this Tuesday morning in a separate posting.

I vanished for a while because one of the trolls hacked into and destroyed my computer. I had to buy a new one.

I also understand from Kevin that a couple of you here are interested in helping with my "crusade against the trolls" as he stated it. I was actually hoping that Kevin J. Anderson, Emperor of the Known Science Fiction Universe, would simply send the Death Star to destroy the Planet of the Trolls.


The trolls are helping to bring attention to the books. Are they hurting sales, or helping sales? If they are doing more to help sales as result of their protests than to hurt sales, then maybe they should be left alone. Even so, they've crossed a line for how far they are willing to go to destroy fans of KJA and the books.

Kevin is opposed to taking action against the trolls. He prefers to ignore the trolls, and he prefers his fans ignore the trolls. It is his hope that by ignoring them they will fade away, if I understand correctly. I respectfully disagree, in part. There is a very well organized movement against any authors writing Dune novels or movies or TV shows, except of course Frank Herbert, and since he is dead nothing new can be written. There is no organized movement to counter their movement. I believe there should be. It would be a good business decision to help generate more sales. I believe it is right for Kevin himself to ignore them and to not get caught up in the conflict, even though he is the primary target at this time especially by Cxxxxxxxxxx. It is far better for Kevin to focus on his work, and delegate the war to his loyal followers who have time to fight it. On the chessboard, the King does not do the fighting. There are many ways for others do that. Some of them suggested in the guidelines for this forum as ways to help Kevin and book sales. It is best for individual fans to ignore them and not take them on like I did, me alone against their entire organization. In any future conflict, our side must have more active members participating in the battle. Kevin believes their numbers have decreased over the years. Maybe so, but in my opinion not enough. I want them exterminated. Otherwise, every time Kevin puts out a new book he will be attacked and so will any fans supporting it. Cxxxxxxxxx and RealDune, plus a handful of others, including Txxxxxxxxxx, will never back off. We need to find a professional hacker to join our side, at least to help us build up our defenses against possible future attacks by Txxxxxxxxxx to destroy our computers and vandalize websites. Remember to never answer any emails from people who might be suspected trolls, because you don't want them to get your IP address.

Et pour finir (...mais on a encore une vingtaine de pages de ce fou furieux) :

Jacurutu isn't the only forum. Tidwell owns another one, the Solahpmo domain forum, which does not have public access and requires membership to read what is there. It is for the sole purpose of coordinating with other trolls the attacks on KJA and his fans. Conspiracy. Organized crime. Cyber stalking. Libel.
I have reported Txxxxxxxxxx to Law Enforcement in Sacramento and to the FBI Cyber Crimes Task Force.

Ça faut le faire ! TAU (Solahpmo) comme nid de terroristes ... j'ai mal aux côtes à force de rire  :burnkja:

....... تحيا الجهاد الأرثوذكسية! ......

_____Tahya al-Jihad _____
_____ al-Harbartiyya _____

EDIT: j'ai caviardé les noms que ce psychopathe livre en pâture
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Re : La KJA Special Force (en action...)
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Pfff, je trouve ça pathétique...

Mais bon, le seul vrai point que je retire de cela est que finalement les pro-KJA, pour une grande majorité, recherchent simplement (seulement) du divertissement et ne comprennent pas qu'on puisse demander plus à un livre.
Quand je suis plus faible que vous, je vous demande la liberté car cela s'accorde à vos principes; quand je suis plus fort que vous, je prends votre liberté car cela s'accorde à mes principes.

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Re : Re : La KJA Special Force (en action...)
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Pfff, je trouve ça pathétique...

Mais bon, le seul vrai point que je retire de cela est que finalement les pro-KJA, pour une grande majorité, recherchent simplement (seulement) du divertissement et ne comprennent pas qu'on puisse demander plus à un livre.

Nous parlons bien en effet du "KJASF" et autres picrocholesques"Legion" qui sont des groupuscules d'activistes très limités en effectif mais très bruyants et malveillants.

Il faut savoir qu'il y a quelques années un autre tordu de ce genre (Fantomas le bien nommé) s'était fendu d'un courrier d'insultes auprès du cabinet d'avocats où officie Omph ... Quant à ce misérable Harwood qui a fait son enquête sur chacun de nous, il est allé jusqu'à menacer de se plaindre à l'Université qui emploie Chigg (entre autres insanités et menaces) ...

Franchement avec des dingos dans ce genre on hésite entre le fou rire et une saine parano face aux extrémités dont ils peuvent se rendre coupables. Par exemple, un certain nombre d'OH m'ont avancé des arguments solides qui tendent à établir que le hacking de l'ancien Dreamers of Dune, loin d'être leur fait (franchement qu'est-ce qu'ils iraient s'emmerder à les hacker les 2 folles), serait plutôt le fruit d'une vengeance interne au panier de crabes kéviniens, comme l'autre idiot de A. s'en était vanté sur feu House Atreides.

Bref, moi qui laisse mes mails et des liens sur FB partout, je me pose des questions. Mais je ne suis qu'un petit bookworm insignifiant et loin des feuds... La seule menace que j'ai jamais reçue m'avait été faite sur un forum bien français par un de ces fandomars extrémistes de Bragelonne ...Donc, mieux vaut en rire  8)

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Re : La KJA Special Force (en action...)
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Bah. Qu'ils aillent au diable, ils nous font bien rire.
J'avais adoré le passage où le type suggérait que ça serait bien si SandChigger et Omphalos finissaient ensemble dans la même cellule en prison, comme ça ils pourraient faire un enfant. SandChigger, dans son article de réponse, lui avait recommandé d'aller faire un tour à l'école pour adultes la plus proche, pour mettre à jour ses connaissances concernant la reproduction humaine  ;D ...

« Nos pères et nos mères ont commis l'ubris et ne sont plus,
Et nous portons maintenant le poids de leurs iniquités. »

Anonyme, Péan de l'Intégration.

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Re : La KJA Special Force (en action...)
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"Ce mongoloïde échappé de l'asile des KJASF"
"Je t'ai longtemps attendue. Voici ma vie..."